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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beautiful Music Review

Yanni - One Man's Dream

A man's dream is a beautiful thing and so is Yanni's 'One Man's Dream.' It starts out slow and wonderful and ends just the same way. Truly one of the best peices to set a still heart back into motion.

Shining Force 3 - Tiger, The Voice of Time Calls You

The battlefield comes alive with the songs of Shining Force. This song in particular will have you lay out all your tactical skills with deadly precision on the map. The enemy never stood a chance.

Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War

A voice has been brought to the silent recollection of an intense past. The skies will forever be renowned of holding some of the most adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping, gut-wrenching combat ever experienced. Here the unsung war is asoutndingly brought to our ears.

Potion 2 - Once You Meet Her

Finally you meet the girl who brings music to your ears.

Gypsy Kings - Lambada

The Gypsy world has brought us one great and beautiful song. Very chill and low tempo with a great ambience. This is the perfect song to bring light to new ideas and rekindle lost hope.

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